Risk & Resilience

"Resilience. Why do we need a resilience approach?"

Whether you are aware of it or not, everyone strives for resilience. Take the human body for example. Your body wants to have and maintain a certain body temperature and when something happens, whether influenced by internal or external reasons, your body will do everything it can to recover. Your body fights all kinds of viruses and harmful bacteria every day. If you are in good health, your resilience capability is greater and your body is more likely to be able to avert the negative risks. But even the healthiest people get sick. Your body will then do everything it can to restore itself and to return to "operating" level.

"If we lost this building, how would we resume our business?"

In today's competitive market, even a few minutes of downtime can be deadly for an organization. It is therefore logical to make a plan, as part of a well-implemented security plan, so that company resources are protected and business continuity is guaranteed. Thanks to a preparatory emergency plan, you know what you must do to resume your business as quickly as possible.

Draw up a company emergency plan

Prevention is better than the cure, but if you can't prevent it, you best be prepared! A company emergency plan offers a solution. A company emergency plan consists of a number of aspects that enable suitable recovery of critical business activities, minimize losses and comply with legal and required regulations. With this plan you can prepare yourself for disasters and disruptions. The plan also helps you to detect, respond and repair a potential disasters, which means that repairing the situation in order to continue day-to-day tasks, which leads to a minimum of costs and disruptions.