BIO - ISO 27001 Information Security



Information security guidelines were used for various governmental organizations in the Netherlands. One organization called it the BIG (Baseline Information Security for Municipalities) the other BIR (Baseline Information Security for the Civil Service). Since January 2019, all these guidelines have been replaced by BIO - Baseline Information Security Government.

ISO 27001 - Information security standard

ISO 27001 is a standard for how information security can be structured in a process-based manner. It is a "high level structure" that is used within the scope of ISO 9001 (quality assurance) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

The similarities between BIO and ISO 27001

BIO is a derivative of ISO 27001. ISO 27001 outlines what needs to be done, but in ISO 27002 you get extensive tools and action points to use when implementing. You can only get certified in ISO 27001 and not for ISO 27002. ISO 27002 is more like the manual for implementing ISO 27001.

Benefits of obtaining ISO 27001 certification

Achieving ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that a company has:

  • Your information is protected against unauthorized use
  • Secure information is accurate and can only be changed by authorized users
  • Risks are protected and the impact of a breach is limited
  • Independently according to an international standard based on industry best practices
  • Increases the reliability and security of systems and information
  • Improves the confidence of customers and business partners
  • Increased business resilience and resilience
  • Tailored to the requirements of the customer
  • Improved management processes and integration with corporate risk strategies